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It’s already August! And what does this mean? It’s time to eat August food! The last month of a summer food. Even if it is an endless summer in most of Mexico. As well as endless are food options in our amazing country!

I’ve did all the dirty work for you and found five new great spots and meals you have to try this August!


First comes my all-time favorite Chile en Nogada. The one I recommend you this year is from El Porton restaurants. Chile en Nogada appears in majority of Mexican restaurants only for couple of months in a year – August and September. Short life of this seasonal meal could be explained easily – some ingridients you can find only during short period of time. Like pomegranate and peaches, for example. Colorful Chile en Nogada in my opinion is a perfect mexican meal – with the colors of Mexican flag; it’s complicated recipe and unforgettable taste. And this meal at El Porton restaurant is simply delicious – perfect combination of a great flavor and tradition.

I should tell you a huge secret – El Porton during the month of August offers all you can eat pozole for 79 pesos. Did you hear me? All you can eat. Pozole. Oh, goodness! You know where to find me! 

Chile en Nogada 159 pesos

El Porton

There are more than 60 restaurants in all Mexico. I am sure you will find yours!


What could be better for your digestive system after having all you can eat pozole? Of course, nice tea! So it’s a tea time! Coming from Russia myself I know a lot about teas – as a kid I remember drinking tea at least couple of times a day. Herb tea, flavored fruit tea, classic breakfast tea. Oh God, how I missed a good tea here in Mexico. Especially because people here are more into coffee. 

And I was really happy when my friends took me to the Tomas Te at Condesa. Great variety, amazing flavor of all the teas I’ve tried. My favorite is a green tea with mint. Such a great place! And you definitely should try their passion fruit tart!

Tomas Te Casa Editora de tes

Av. Tamaulipas 66, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Avenida Prado Norte 405, Lomas – Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec V Secc


This place would always be a special one for me and I honesty love everything about it! Taste of the food, interior design, atmosphere. Did I mention their food? Because it is just exceptional!

The best oysters I’ve tried, tostada with crab and habanero foam, meet sandwich, shrimp sandwich 🤤 my mouth is watering when I write these words!

This place – La docena oyster bar – absolutely worth visiting, and if not for food – just come to take a look at their awesome design, and if you don’t believe my words, check the pictures! The bar, one corner with tapas and jamon legs (awww, I would sell my soul for jamón one day), ice with exhibited shellfish. This restaurant looks like a food museum and their pieces are just fantastic!

And, for sure, don’t forget to try their penguin, a cocktail with wine and vodka. It doesn’t only taste good, but gosh it’s si photogenic! This one could definitely take you to a South Pole 🤪 So – be careful 😎🤩

La Docena Oyster Bar

Avenida Álvaro Obregón 31, Roma Norte, 06700 CDMX

Sudermann 156 esq. Homero, Polanco, CDMX


Oh, what I would give to eat as much deserts as possible. And don’t gain weight! Especially deserts like at Maricu restaurant. Tarta de cafe I’ve tried was gorgeous. As well as the other deserts. That is how heaven should look like. Me, and all the Mericu deserts I can eat in one room!

Local 6, Av. Paseo de las Palmas 250, Lomas de Chapultepec V Secc 

Maricu deserts


A drink or two after work? Live music? Doesn’t it sound like a great plan?

There is no such a place as Pata Negra at Cuahtemoc. 

Good food, great drinks. I have had one with mezcal, cucumber and orange juice. Refreshing! Just perfect for the august evenings. 

Theirs tapas are great and variable. 

Pata Negra Cuahtemoc

Río Niagara 43, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Enjoy the august options and lets see what September prepares for us!

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