Bacalar. The Mexican Treasure you need to discover.

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I am sure you think you already know every corner of the Mexican Caribbean, if so, I hope you are not forgetting one of the most charming places in a farthern part of Quintana Roo, a magical space that will fill you with its charm, the lagoon of seven colors – Bacalar. Would you like to surprise yourself? Then keep reading.

The first thing you have to know about Bacalar is that it has a very picturesque community where the nature, adventure, history among other cultural manifestations. For example, its name comes from pre-Hispanic times, and the original way of writing Bacalar is Siyan Kaán Bakjalal which means “Birth of the sky surrounded by reeds”

In ancient times Bacalar became the most important region of the 16 provinces of the Yucatan peninsula, it was an important commercial center at that time. Now that you have a little taste of its historical past, let’s look at the present of Bacalar that I hope will motivate you to visit its main attractions.

The main reason to get know this immense lagoon, is that the photographs do not describe the beauty of the water. If it is not enough, then you should know that it is one of the very few bodies of water located on the surface of Quintana Roo state, which means that its current is fed by freshwater cenotes, and this is what creates different shades of the lagoon depending on the depth. I can tell you that the impression that you get when you see Bacalar is the reaffirmation that love at first sight exists. At the moment you see this place, it makes you think – how did I not come here before?

If scuba diving is your thing, this place is perfect it –  with a spectacular visibility, cenote has different interesting shapes, caverns, inclinations. During the diving you will always be accompanied by diving experts. After the activities in cenote there is a great food place where you can enjoy some typical cuisine of the region.


You can not leave without trying the delights that Bacalar offers. Like gastronomic influences of the Yucatán peninsula and Belize. They are reflected in different meals that you can try – like the popular rice and beans made with coconut oil, or you can also find tamales of xpelón (a variety of beans) and the sotobichay (brazo de reina) which is a tamale with Chaya leafs. Also, the puchero and the chocolomo. In the festive days of & quot; Todos Santos & quot; the & quot; mucbil chicken & quot; a variety of baked tamales; and if you prefer the delicacies the sea offers us, you can also have some fresh fish, and the seafood prepared with a unique touch that will make you want to return.

Among other options you can also visit the Fort of San Felipe, a fortress that served to protect the community from pirate attacks, that were very common few centuries ago. In the fort, you can see the old cannons and you can also enjoy the view to the lagoon of seven colors.
At night you can go to the central square, that awakes at the evening with handicrafts and snacks sellers.

As you can see, Bacalár is a place that speaks for itself, the place where you wont get tired of observing the colors of the lagoon, a space for perfect connection with the nature. I wish you wont miss anything in your next trip!

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