Buying Mexican souvenirs

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Buying Mexican souvenirs

What exactly should you bring home from your vacation in Mexico? With so many options of where to buy and so many choices of what to buy; bright textiles, beautifully painted ceramics, hand woven hammocks, mysterious masks, tequila, coffee and chocolate. The list is endless!

Do not be put off my the many skulls that you will see everywhere. They do not hold a negative connotation. Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead, where the lives, of their deceased loved ones, are celebrated not mourned. They are not afraid of death, it is welcomed as they believe that through death our immortal souls will go to a better place. 

Wooden, handcrafted masks are sold in order to protect ones home and bring harmony to the family. Here in Mexico you can find a great many items to decorate your home with; beautiful linens, blankets and hand embroidered table cloths amongst many others. 

For food lovers, Mexico is a wonderfully diverse gastronomy and in particular when it comes to tequila and mezcal, for which the country is famous for worldwide. There is also excellent locally grown and roasted coffee for various regions of Mexico including Chiapas and Veracruz, and treats made from cacao, chocolate and natural vanilla.

The choice in souvenir shops is very wide, which is why Mariachi Travel are here to offer you our professional assistance. Join us on a ‘shopping tour’ of the Riviera Maya and you go home disappointed!! 

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