Cabo San Lucas, Baja California – one weekend of Whale Watching and Food Tasting.

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While seating at the airport of Los Cabos, state Baja California Sur, Mexico; I was looking back at the last four days I have spent in this amazing place. It was only a long weekend and almost every single moment I’ve spend working, but I can tell – I really enjoyed Baja California and would definitely come back.

Baja California Sur is the second-smallest Mexican State by the population, and you can see it right away – on the way from the airport to Los Cabos I saw only very few built-up areas, few fancy resorts and a lot of a desert landscapes. Some of my tourists in Cancun used to ask me, where the famous Mexican cactuses are. And, well, now I know the unswer – in Baja California Sur.

In this article I will touch on a few basic points of what to do and where to go if, as I, you are planning to spend a long weekend in Los Cabos.

Baja California Peninsula is washed by the Pacific Ocean on the west and by the Sea of Cortes (which is thought to be one of the most diverse seas on the planet, and is home to more than 5,000 species of micro-invertebrates) on the east. The late French explorer Jacques Cousteau once called the Sea of Cortez the world’s aquarium. He was so fascinated by its beauty and diversity that decided to call the Sea of Cortez this unique way. The Ocean and the Sea meet each other at the place where the «Arch» is, the rock formation that became the most famous spot in Los Cabos.

Baja California is a narrow peninsula which broke away from the mainland about two million years ago due to tectonic activity.

La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo are the biggest cities in Baja California Sur. And the last one has about 80 000 habitants. Not so many, as you see. If you are not scared by crowds of tourists and you love to go out, Los Cabos is the great place for you. But if you are looking for something more quiet and less crowded, there is a lot of nice small places like Loreto and Guerrero Negro.

There is a plenty of beautiful beaches around Los Cabos – some of them are right in the city, some others are a little farther. For example, great romantic spot – Playa de Amor where you can get by ferry right from the marina of Cabo San Lucas.

Or an amazing place, the best in the area to see the sunsets – beach next to the hotel Diamante. And, oh god, I should admit – sunsets in Los Cabos are one of the most beautiful I have seen in my life. Every single day nature surprises you with an exposition of magic, extraterrestrial colors in the sky.

More or less from the mid November to the mid April you can watch one of the most powerful and magnificent spectacles that nature could demonstrate us – breaches of Humpback whales. Humpback whales travel all over the world from Island to Australia, feeding on plankton in cold northern waters; or mating and having their calfs in warm tropic waters – like in Baja California.

I decided to take a tour with of the TripAdivsor top rated companie in Los Cabos – Whale Watch Cabo (For more information click here)

They have three options for tours – a covered boat with an emergency bathroom, uncovered speed boat and a private tour on a covered boat. The cost of the group tour is 89 dollars paying with a credit card or 76 usd paying cash. The departures are daily at 8.00, 12.00 and 14.30. Their guides are marine biologists and my guide, Lisa, was really good and super professional. And, what a great point, during the tour they take professional pictures and send them to you for free via e-mail.

What did I see? Sea lions, and oh my god! That was one of the cutest things I have seen in my life. I saw breaches of two whales – mom and a calf – super close to the boat. Actually we saw a looooot of Humpback Whales and, the most important, without disturbing them. Working in a tourism myself I know how important it is for the tour agencies to take care of the environment. Looking at example of the tour companies, and, the most important, tour guides, our tourists may start to take better care of the environment themselves. Or at least to think about it. I loved how Lisa spoke about problem of plastic in the ocean and she was absolutely right. Each one of us can make a difference and stop using plastic strokes for example, or use textile shopping bags instead of plastic.

I can tell you – at least once in your life you should experience whale watching. It was the main reason of my trip to Los Cabos and I already know that I would definitely come back and experience it again.

I wish I could do another tour – to the Isla de Espiritu Santo (Holy Spirit Island), but the weather played against me and the trips to the island were canceled while I stayed in Los Cabos. The area is protected as part of the Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna – Islas del Golfo de California, and is an important eco-tourism destination. The island itself not just has a beautiful beaches (Ensenada Grande, for example, was voted the most beautiful beach of Mexico by The Travel Magazine), but also this is a place where Orcas are often seen, where you can snorkel with Whale Sharks and Sea Lions. Snorkel with a sea lions! God, that sounds like a pure magic to me!

At the evening you can go to one of the bars or see the lights of the Cabos marina. Night life in Los Cabos is very intense too. I didn’t experience it myself, but I saw a street where night clubs and bars stand one after another. And to my surprise it looked exactly the same as one street in Cancun. There were even the same bars. For one moment I thought I am back in Cancun.

As any touristy place, Cabo San Lucas has plenty of restaurants, some of which are cheap, some others not so cheap, and some others are super expensive. Honestly I was a little disappointed with food in los Cabos. Hearing so much about famous Baja California cousin and not having any of it was just sad. But, I guess, in Cabo San Lucas happens the same as in Cancun and Riviera Maya – in these places its impossible to find any good Mexican food. Whatever kind of cousin that may come to your mind, but not Mexican.

I wish I could plan this trip better to make a reservation at the world famous place like Sunset Monalisa for example – fifth restaurant in the world with the best view. I have heard the food there is just exceptional and I would definitely go there next time. (To check their menu and make a reservation)

Or El Farallon – also with a great sea view. I was very recommended to go to Toro Latin Kitchen Bar, but didn’t had chance to.

If we will talk about where I do not recommend you to go, there are two places. One is TripAdvisor Top rated restaurant «Bajo La Luna». I absolutely recommend you to go there and have a cocktail. Thats it. Cocktail menu is exceptional, bartenders seem to be magicians and a cocktail I’ve ordered came in an amazing presentation. It was cold «Smokey» so it literally came in a flask with the smoke in it! And at the same time I was so disappointed with their food. I wasn’t looking for anything special and just ordered Catch of the day which came with the tortilla soup. Food tasted good. I mean, thats it. It was really average. I would expect this kind of food in some small family owned restaurant in a fishers village. But not in a restaurant that takes one of the TOP positions in TripAdvisor of Los Cabos. The service was amazing tho.

Next try was in Fat Tuna couple of minutes away from the Marina. I may be very spoiled with the good food, but it just wasn’t good. With their amazing service and great design I was expecting much more! I have tried tuna carpaccio – tuna itself was super fresh, but it came with the super salty tomato sauce which was just unnecessary. And I know a good meat, but the stake I’ve ordered, just wasn’t good.

Honestly it wasn’t what I was expecting. I decided to take a last chance and went to the new Panazia restaurant, whose speciality is fusion Mexican-Asian Cousin. And finally I found something really good. So good, that I’ve had two entries, main course and desert. Still can’t believe I was able to move after. Niguiri with foie gras. Wait, what? Foie gras? On nigiri? Are you kidding me? But it was so good, I still couldn’t believe it. Next – «Thai» oysters. With habanero chili, lime zest and they were so fresh, with this unexplainable taste of sea breeze.

“Thai” oysters in Panazia restaurant

As a main course I was recommended by the waiter to try lamb curry – and my mouth is watering each time when I remember this restaurant, that’s how good it was.
(For more info)

By the way, there is a great place for breakfast as well – it’s called Cabo Bakery and I just loved their breakfasts.

There is a plenty of options for accommodation – you can choose from resorts, airbnb, hostels and etc.

So in my opinion Los Cabos absolutely worth visiting. If you have a vacation or if you have only a weekend; if it is a special date or you just need an escape from you reality to Mexican magic – travel to Baja California without doubts.

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