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Restaurantes para visitar en Abril 2019

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Sin dudar, una de las características más significativas de la Ciudad de México, es que su oferta gastronómica satisface hasta el paladar más exigente. Cuando te das la oportunidad de conocer cada uno de sus rincones, encontrarás seguramente un delicioso restaurante que te estará esperando con tus alimentos favoritos cuidando siempre la calidad de cada uno de los ingredientes. Así que te dejo unas sugerencias de lugares que son un must en tu próxima parada por aquí.


Con un estilo sonorense, Palominos te deleitará con deliciosos cortes de carne a la parrilla con braza de mezquite y carne traída de Sonora, también podrás encontrar en el menú otras opciones norteñas igual de deliciosas

Este lugar es solicitado entre semana para comidas de negocios, mientras que si lo visitas en fines de semana, encontrarás un ambiente familiar que sabe aprovechar el área infantil, ya que cuenta con cuidadoras especializadas, para no perder la tranquilidad mientras se come. Haz tu reservación y disfruta de esta experiencia.

Dirección: Av. Paseo de las Palmas 340, Lomas – Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec V Secc, 11000 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Palominos Palmas


Ciudad de México también cuenta con una rica variedad de opciones en cocina internacional así que permíteme recomendarte un lugar japonés delicioso situado en un rinconcito de la Cuauhtémoc. Si eres principiante en esto del ramen, el Kistume hace que tu visita sea sencilla, su menú es suficientemente claro, corto y eficaz.
La carta se divide en la base del caldo (donde encontrarás opciones como shio, miso o shoyu), después están los complementos que van desde chasu, myashi, menmma y negi para las versiones tradicionales o especiales que llevan huevo y karaage. Tienes la opción de pedirlo negro o rojo, el primero es una mezcla picante, y el segundo lleva una salsa de

Sus presentaciones son coloridas, y el servicio es eficiente, la carta es tan variada que siempre habrá algo a la medida de tu antojo. ¡Ven y descúbrelo por ti mismo!

Dirección: Río Nilo 213, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX

FEBRUARY 2019 gourmet discoveries CDMX

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“Tough” foodie season is almost over – hasta la vista baked turkey, pan de muerto, all the Christmas and New Year dishes, tamales and rosca de reyes!

But every month ahead brings us even more new places to visit and more amazing foods to try. Here are some great restaurants to try in February

Believe it or not Interlomas has many interesting proposals when it comes to gastronomy. For example if you have not eaten at StreEat it is a good time for you to enjoy their variety of food. Their menu includes dishes from five different cuisines and if you visit this place you can simply have a good time, try out their cocktails, surrounded by amazing murals painted by Mexican artists. Their delicious dishes range from poke bowls to salads; stakes, empanadas and yummy hamburgers.

I loved a cocktail barmen recommended me – jamaicarita, a delicious margarita with Jamaica flower touch, tuna tostadas and a Philly sandwich with loooats of melted cheese!

Do you dare to visit this amazing, modern restaurant?

Where? StreEat: Bosque de las Palmas, 52787 Naucalpan de Juárez
Hours Mon. to Wed 12:30-23:00; Thu. to Sat. 12:30-02:00; Sun 12:30-21:00.


One of the things that surprise me a lot in Mexican cuisine is that they want to add lemon and salsa to every food they see. And what surprises me even more is that with lemon and salsa everything actually tastes much better!

Here are some examples from my last dinner in Fonda Fina. From five courses dinner only one meal didn’t come with salsa – tlayudas. Instead they came with grasshoppers. Grasshoppers! I don’t even know what is worth – eat everything with lime or eat grasshoppers, grasshoppers with lime of course!

I’ve started with tamal made with beans and hoja santa. Sincerly i am not a fan of tamales, but this one was good, with salsa made of chili pasillos, cream, queso fresco.

After came tlayuda with insects. Tlayuda is kind a tostada. Personally I love insects in my food, which Mexican doesn’t?
Amazing combination of trastes – of grasshoppers, lime, avocado, chili. This combination of estructures – crunchy tostada, crunchy grasshoppers, crunchy chile.

What for to have seafood tostadas, if there are tostadas with insects? Well, not what for? But both of them have a right to be!

A normal person already would be satisfied with all this food, but who said I am a normal person?

Than I have had a kind of empanada, Peneque, filled with requeson and covered in pipian sauce. It reminded me a lot about the Yucatan peninsula. Maybe because I have had there a lot of empanadas and pipian. It is a great combination I would personally add to my list of comfort foods.

Beef cheek with green mole and smoked cauliflower. To tell that it was delicious is not to tell anything. I would again come back to the textures and structures. Such a soft cheek, that was melting in a mouth like butter, crunchy cauliflower with the delicate taste. And on the top of this combination – green mole.

At that moment I have already couldn’t breathe, but it was impossible to leave without trying their dessert – elote bread with cajeta and popcorn. Oh, yes, popcorn. My favorite detail! And even if I am not a fan of elote bread, that desert was delicious! Fonda fina has incredible dishes, I think this is like all great Mexican restaurants should be – traditional, but with a lot of details that help to jump out, call your attention and to leave you thinking about this tastes, textures and ideas.


Where? Medellín 79, Roma Nte., 06700 Mexico City, CDMX
Schedule Address: Monday – Wednesday: 1PM – 11PM, Thursday – Saturday: 1PM – 12AM, Sunday:
1PM – 7PM

If you’ve wondered where to find fabulous donuts, you’ve come to the right place, since here you will find flavors of all kinds such as nutella, brownie, classic, stuffed, red velvet, and the most typical Mexican flavors such as horchata or mango with Chile, incredible, right? It is definitely ideal to satisfy all your cravings.
Which one are you going to try first? (I would definitely recommend you their Ferrero Rocher and mango with Chile ones)

This is also an incredible option to have a desert, as their donuts don’t have any flour, or dairy! Great way to treat yourself and stay healthy!

Where? Av. Baja California 275, Condesa, 06140 Mexico City, CDMX
Holrarios dom., Sat. 09: 00-18: 30, Mon.-Thu. 09: 00-19: 00, Fri. 09: 00-20: 00


Simply the-best-seafood-I-have-ever-had. Except a chocolate clam I’ve had in Acapulco, which was still alive. I will never ever forgive myself eating that creatures, but it was amazingly delicious.

Well, when you come to Puerto de Alvarado located at Mercado de San Juan, ask for Ricardo and tell him, that a Russian tour guide, Olga, told you about that place. The seafood is great, delicious, and fresh like a spring blossom.

I have tried everything there. Huge shrimps, the biggest ones I have seen in my life, fresh oysters, amazing sashimi. Tuna so fresh that it melts like butter. And my all time favorite is octopus, pulpo al guajillo. Oh my!

I try to come back at least once in a couple of weeks and eat as much as I can.

Where? Mercado de San Juan 2ᵃ Calle de Ernesto Pugibet 21, Colonia Centro, Centro, 06000 CDMX

Open every day from 9 am till 6 pm

SEPTEMBER gourmet discoveries CDMX

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Without any doubts, fall is my favorite season of the year. September smells different from August or October. It is all about leafs of the trees, cool rains, smell of spices and the feeling of happiness, of something magic that is about to happen. This is September to me.

What there is good to eat this September in Mexico City? As usual, there are some restaurants by my choice for this month!


Venezuelan food in Mexico? Hell yes! If it is as delicious as food in Areperia, why should we tell no?

Their menu has so many options! Choose from patacon (which is fried plantain topped with different goods) – with pork, chicken o veggies or arepa (filled corn bread) – with pork and cheese, chicken and avocado, shrimps and garlic.

I am a fan of meet, so I have had patacon with pork&cheese and my vegetarian friend have had arepa with beans, avocado and plantain. I would absolutely come back for their avocado&chicken and shrimp&garlic arepas, they looked soooo good! Don’t forget to ask for their special chia lemonade, which was just awesome!


Calle Salamanca 32, Roma Nte.


I hope you are as adventurous as I am and the picture above won’t scare you!

I am an absolute fan of Corazon de Maguey – located in the heart of Coyoacan, this amazing place has not only amazing, exquisite food,  but also a real Mexican atmosphere.

Corazon de Maguey is a TOP place if you want to taste some eatable Mexican insects, that are impossible to find in some other restaurants and are considered delicacy.

My all time favorites are tacos de lengua (tongue tacos), hibiscus deep fried tacos, their guacamole with grasshoppers. And escamoles (and if you don’t know those are giant ants eggs) – buttered and soft, they will blow your mind!

And for sure don’t forget to try some of their mezcal – the choice is immerse!

Corazon de Maguey

Parque Centenario 9A, Coyoacán


Breakfast definitely is the most important part of the day! I always say – if you have had a good breakfast, your day have started just right!

When it comes to Matisse restaurants, let me start with the bread, because it is as good as same heaven. It actually tastes as you would put a piece of a heaven in your mouth! Don’t miss a crepe with huitlacoche (corn fungus, which is another delicacy), poblano sauce and melted cheese and French poached eggs. Yuuuum!


Eugenia 111, Col del Valle Centro

Anatole France 115, Polanco, Polanco III Secc

Amsterdam 260, Condesa


Want to eat something quick and, at the same time, good for you? Frutos Prohibidos is your choice. Their “Pecados” – rolls – with pastrami or salmon are devilishly good and fulfilling. Eggs cazuela is a perfect September comfort food. And finally their fresh juices and, oh-my-god, almond croissant won my heart forever!

Frutos Prohibidos

Av Amsterdam 244 Local B, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc
Copenhague 25, Juárez
Plaza Antara, Ejercito Nacional 843-B LOCAL F115, Miguel Hidalgo, Granada
Orizaba 125, Roma Nte.
Rio Lerma 232 MZ07, Col Cuauhtemoc


Just two words. Matcha panque. I am done here!

Seriously. Cool atmosphere, great coffee, amazing deserts.

Chiquitito Cafe

Calle Rio Lerma 179, Cuahtemoc
Alfonso Reyes 232, Hipódromo Condesa
Tell me, what is your favorite September food? And I would definitely have it while writing for your October Gourmet Discoveries!


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It’s already August! And what does this mean? It’s time to eat August food! The last month of a summer food. Even if it is an endless summer in most of Mexico. As well as endless are food options in our amazing country!

I’ve did all the dirty work for you and found five new great spots and meals you have to try this August!


First comes my all-time favorite Chile en Nogada. The one I recommend you this year is from El Porton restaurants. Chile en Nogada appears in majority of Mexican restaurants only for couple of months in a year – August and September. Short life of this seasonal meal could be explained easily – some ingridients you can find only during short period of time. Like pomegranate and peaches, for example. Colorful Chile en Nogada in my opinion is a perfect mexican meal – with the colors of Mexican flag; it’s complicated recipe and unforgettable taste. And this meal at El Porton restaurant is simply delicious – perfect combination of a great flavor and tradition.

I should tell you a huge secret – El Porton during the month of August offers all you can eat pozole for 79 pesos. Did you hear me? All you can eat. Pozole. Oh, goodness! You know where to find me! 

Chile en Nogada 159 pesos

El Porton

There are more than 60 restaurants in all Mexico. I am sure you will find yours!


What could be better for your digestive system after having all you can eat pozole? Of course, nice tea! So it’s a tea time! Coming from Russia myself I know a lot about teas – as a kid I remember drinking tea at least couple of times a day. Herb tea, flavored fruit tea, classic breakfast tea. Oh God, how I missed a good tea here in Mexico. Especially because people here are more into coffee. 

And I was really happy when my friends took me to the Tomas Te at Condesa. Great variety, amazing flavor of all the teas I’ve tried. My favorite is a green tea with mint. Such a great place! And you definitely should try their passion fruit tart!

Tomas Te Casa Editora de tes

Av. Tamaulipas 66, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Avenida Prado Norte 405, Lomas – Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec V Secc


This place would always be a special one for me and I honesty love everything about it! Taste of the food, interior design, atmosphere. Did I mention their food? Because it is just exceptional!

The best oysters I’ve tried, tostada with crab and habanero foam, meet sandwich, shrimp sandwich 🤤 my mouth is watering when I write these words!

This place – La docena oyster bar – absolutely worth visiting, and if not for food – just come to take a look at their awesome design, and if you don’t believe my words, check the pictures! The bar, one corner with tapas and jamon legs (awww, I would sell my soul for jamón one day), ice with exhibited shellfish. This restaurant looks like a food museum and their pieces are just fantastic!

And, for sure, don’t forget to try their penguin, a cocktail with wine and vodka. It doesn’t only taste good, but gosh it’s si photogenic! This one could definitely take you to a South Pole 🤪 So – be careful 😎🤩

La Docena Oyster Bar

Avenida Álvaro Obregón 31, Roma Norte, 06700 CDMX

Sudermann 156 esq. Homero, Polanco, CDMX


Oh, what I would give to eat as much deserts as possible. And don’t gain weight! Especially deserts like at Maricu restaurant. Tarta de cafe I’ve tried was gorgeous. As well as the other deserts. That is how heaven should look like. Me, and all the Mericu deserts I can eat in one room!

Local 6, Av. Paseo de las Palmas 250, Lomas de Chapultepec V Secc 

Maricu deserts


A drink or two after work? Live music? Doesn’t it sound like a great plan?

There is no such a place as Pata Negra at Cuahtemoc. 

Good food, great drinks. I have had one with mezcal, cucumber and orange juice. Refreshing! Just perfect for the august evenings. 

Theirs tapas are great and variable. 

Pata Negra Cuahtemoc

Río Niagara 43, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Enjoy the august options and lets see what September prepares for us!


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Are you bored to spend every Sunday at home watching Netflix? Escape with us for a bike tour all over Mexico City at Sunday 29th of July.

Why you should join us?

  • First of all we will have fun and you will see highlights of Mexico City – Centro Historico, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palacio de Correos, Zocalo, Cathedral
  • We will have a tour with a licensed tour guide in Palacio Nacional where you will see famous Diego Rivera’s murals and – temporary Mixtecas exposición.

  • We will visit Templo Mayor archeological site and you will see and feel the history of the Mexican Capital!
  •  And the best of its all? We will end up having three course Gourmet lunch at one of the greatest restaurants of Roma Norte – Fonda 115. The main course you can choose from Rib Eye, Tuna, Salmon, Marrow or Octopus.

We have only few spots left! So JOIN US


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I won’t be tired to tell how much I love Mexico City. There is so much to see. There is so much to do. There is so much to eat. 

Yes. Its a place where you can get the best tacos in the world, or any cousin that may come to your mind. French? Easy. Corean? There is a whole street for the corean food in Mexico! Turkish? Pakistani? Cantonese? Syrian? Not impossible!

There is so much to love about Mexico City. But one thing I love in particular is it’s food. If you would make me choose two things I can make my life of – it would be writing and food. So what could be better than writing about food? Just leaving the building where my apartment is, there are the best tacos de Chile relleno; fresh fruits with chile powder and señora with the best cafe de olla I have ever tried. 

I always said that it will take me longer than a life to discover every corner of Mexico. But it will take for me like five lives to explore every restaurant and bar of Mexico City. 

Here comes my latest discoveries (and make sure you read it till the end, because all of them are deliciously amazing). 

First of all, lets talk about one place, where I came to eat once, but since then I was coming back every once in a while. I simply loved the place and atmosphere, and food was delicious, incredible. It wasn’t just about food, but the place itself is inviting, people who work there are incredible and friendly. But try it on your own risk! Otherwise you are in danger – you may find yourself coming back over and over again! Just like me.

How many of you were invited to the kitchen of any restaurant? To see how a chef creates masterpiece of the culinary art?
I did have the opportunity to observe the work of the chefs of an amazing restaurant Fonda 115 (Check their awesome pictures). And I wasn’t just observing (which you can experience as well as guys have an open kitchen) but also I have had an amazing four-course dinner with a great gin and delicious desert. It was one of the best gastronomic experiences I have had lately. I was left speechless.
What did I have?
 Eggplant and beens soup with spinach and brain ravioli
 Salmon with a spectacular sauce with a little touch of anise & pea and mint pure. And now I want another ten portions of that, it was just incredibly tasty

 Octopus with a sauce made of pumpkin seeds and habanero. And yes I eat habanero! I actually love it!
 Hamburger with plantain fries. And I should tell you – in my daily life I never ever order hamburgers or gin, but this time I finished it all! That says a lot, right?

The last drop, which almost killed me, was a desert from W Reposteria (Check their awesome deserts) , mango macaroon. That meringue with nuts was soooo good, you would never forget it if you try!

Everything was so delicious! Of course I will be coming back because the menu changes daily, one meal cost only around 150 pesos and I want to have more and more of these gastronomic experiences and to have a chat with the chefs. Christian and Rodrigo have lunches from 13.00 to 19.00 and dinners from 19.00 till 22.00. You know, their attitude and personality really made a difference for me.

Last time to Mexico City I came with a terrible cold. What could have helped me better than a nice sleep and delicious noodles? There are some certain comfort foods for me, and noodles are certainly among them. 

Extensive menu and a great interior made me choose the Rokai (The whole world of ramen). Besides – what could be better than nice hot ramen when you have a flu?

Ramens there blowed my mind! It was so good – I would eat it every single day for the rest of my life! Not jus because it was delicious, but also because they have dozens of types of ramen in a menu and always invent something new. So at least for a month or so I would have new ramen every day. 

Some foodie spots of Mexico City are famous all over the world. Mercado de San Juan, or San Juan market is among them. Quail with rose petals? Why not! Cheeses from all over Mexico? I would trade my life to try all of them! Or exotic meats – crocodile, dear, even bear? This market absolutely worth your visit!

What I have tried was a place with delicacies from all over the world – cheeses, cold meats, fruits, nuts, red wine and clericot. And gosh, how good were their salsas! One with pineapple and grasshoppers, mango salsa, tres chiles salsa. Food was unbelievably good and the owner of the place gave us so many recommendations on where to and what to eat all over Mexico. 

Another market place I have found in a magic town of Tepoztlan. It was exquisite, delicious and – what a good point – it was sooooo cheap! Fresh ingredients from the area, blue corn, cheeses, meets, grasshoppers. Markets are often the places where you can not only try some traditional and delicious food, but also get to know local culture a little bit better.

If you choose to go there and you have chance, eat as much as you can! Try their salsas – in a place I’ve ate, there were like dozen of different salsas. All of them equally delicious! And do you know what shows the best the level of any Mexican restaurant (or market in this case)? Their salsas! Because salsa truly could change everything – for best or worth.

Do you feel fancy and want to have a drink in a nice place? Fifty Mils, located at Four Seasons Hotel, is definitely for you. Something that absolutely blowed my mind – martini with olives filled with Nutella. Whaaat a crazy combination! But it was exceptional! (To see more signature cocktails)

It’s one of my favorite things about food – sometimes you try something you would never imagine you would try in your whole life. And you love the taste and you remember the moment of tasting with the joy. Isn’t it incredible?

So try everything yourself and tell me, how you like it!