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“Tough” foodie season is almost over – hasta la vista baked turkey, pan de muerto, all the Christmas and New Year dishes, tamales and rosca de reyes!

But every month ahead brings us even more new places to visit and more amazing foods to try. Here are some great restaurants to try in February

Believe it or not Interlomas has many interesting proposals when it comes to gastronomy. For example if you have not eaten at StreEat it is a good time for you to enjoy their variety of food. Their menu includes dishes from five different cuisines and if you visit this place you can simply have a good time, try out their cocktails, surrounded by amazing murals painted by Mexican artists. Their delicious dishes range from poke bowls to salads; stakes, empanadas and yummy hamburgers.

I loved a cocktail barmen recommended me – jamaicarita, a delicious margarita with Jamaica flower touch, tuna tostadas and a Philly sandwich with loooats of melted cheese!

Do you dare to visit this amazing, modern restaurant?

Where? StreEat: Bosque de las Palmas, 52787 Naucalpan de Juárez
Hours Mon. to Wed 12:30-23:00; Thu. to Sat. 12:30-02:00; Sun 12:30-21:00.


One of the things that surprise me a lot in Mexican cuisine is that they want to add lemon and salsa to every food they see. And what surprises me even more is that with lemon and salsa everything actually tastes much better!

Here are some examples from my last dinner in Fonda Fina. From five courses dinner only one meal didn’t come with salsa – tlayudas. Instead they came with grasshoppers. Grasshoppers! I don’t even know what is worth – eat everything with lime or eat grasshoppers, grasshoppers with lime of course!

I’ve started with tamal made with beans and hoja santa. Sincerly i am not a fan of tamales, but this one was good, with salsa made of chili pasillos, cream, queso fresco.

After came tlayuda with insects. Tlayuda is kind a tostada. Personally I love insects in my food, which Mexican doesn’t?
Amazing combination of trastes – of grasshoppers, lime, avocado, chili. This combination of estructures – crunchy tostada, crunchy grasshoppers, crunchy chile.

What for to have seafood tostadas, if there are tostadas with insects? Well, not what for? But both of them have a right to be!

A normal person already would be satisfied with all this food, but who said I am a normal person?

Than I have had a kind of empanada, Peneque, filled with requeson and covered in pipian sauce. It reminded me a lot about the Yucatan peninsula. Maybe because I have had there a lot of empanadas and pipian. It is a great combination I would personally add to my list of comfort foods.

Beef cheek with green mole and smoked cauliflower. To tell that it was delicious is not to tell anything. I would again come back to the textures and structures. Such a soft cheek, that was melting in a mouth like butter, crunchy cauliflower with the delicate taste. And on the top of this combination – green mole.

At that moment I have already couldn’t breathe, but it was impossible to leave without trying their dessert – elote bread with cajeta and popcorn. Oh, yes, popcorn. My favorite detail! And even if I am not a fan of elote bread, that desert was delicious! Fonda fina has incredible dishes, I think this is like all great Mexican restaurants should be – traditional, but with a lot of details that help to jump out, call your attention and to leave you thinking about this tastes, textures and ideas.


Where? Medellín 79, Roma Nte., 06700 Mexico City, CDMX
Schedule Address: Monday – Wednesday: 1PM – 11PM, Thursday – Saturday: 1PM – 12AM, Sunday:
1PM – 7PM

If you’ve wondered where to find fabulous donuts, you’ve come to the right place, since here you will find flavors of all kinds such as nutella, brownie, classic, stuffed, red velvet, and the most typical Mexican flavors such as horchata or mango with Chile, incredible, right? It is definitely ideal to satisfy all your cravings.
Which one are you going to try first? (I would definitely recommend you their Ferrero Rocher and mango with Chile ones)

This is also an incredible option to have a desert, as their donuts don’t have any flour, or dairy! Great way to treat yourself and stay healthy!

Where? Av. Baja California 275, Condesa, 06140 Mexico City, CDMX
Holrarios dom., Sat. 09: 00-18: 30, Mon.-Thu. 09: 00-19: 00, Fri. 09: 00-20: 00


Simply the-best-seafood-I-have-ever-had. Except a chocolate clam I’ve had in Acapulco, which was still alive. I will never ever forgive myself eating that creatures, but it was amazingly delicious.

Well, when you come to Puerto de Alvarado located at Mercado de San Juan, ask for Ricardo and tell him, that a Russian tour guide, Olga, told you about that place. The seafood is great, delicious, and fresh like a spring blossom.

I have tried everything there. Huge shrimps, the biggest ones I have seen in my life, fresh oysters, amazing sashimi. Tuna so fresh that it melts like butter. And my all time favorite is octopus, pulpo al guajillo. Oh my!

I try to come back at least once in a couple of weeks and eat as much as I can.

Where? Mercado de San Juan 2ᵃ Calle de Ernesto Pugibet 21, Colonia Centro, Centro, 06000 CDMX

Open every day from 9 am till 6 pm

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