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I won’t be tired to tell how much I love Mexico City. There is so much to see. There is so much to do. There is so much to eat. 

Yes. Its a place where you can get the best tacos in the world, or any cousin that may come to your mind. French? Easy. Corean? There is a whole street for the corean food in Mexico! Turkish? Pakistani? Cantonese? Syrian? Not impossible!

There is so much to love about Mexico City. But one thing I love in particular is it’s food. If you would make me choose two things I can make my life of – it would be writing and food. So what could be better than writing about food? Just leaving the building where my apartment is, there are the best tacos de Chile relleno; fresh fruits with chile powder and señora with the best cafe de olla I have ever tried. 

I always said that it will take me longer than a life to discover every corner of Mexico. But it will take for me like five lives to explore every restaurant and bar of Mexico City. 

Here comes my latest discoveries (and make sure you read it till the end, because all of them are deliciously amazing). 

First of all, lets talk about one place, where I came to eat once, but since then I was coming back every once in a while. I simply loved the place and atmosphere, and food was delicious, incredible. It wasn’t just about food, but the place itself is inviting, people who work there are incredible and friendly. But try it on your own risk! Otherwise you are in danger – you may find yourself coming back over and over again! Just like me.

How many of you were invited to the kitchen of any restaurant? To see how a chef creates masterpiece of the culinary art?
I did have the opportunity to observe the work of the chefs of an amazing restaurant Fonda 115 (Check their awesome pictures). And I wasn’t just observing (which you can experience as well as guys have an open kitchen) but also I have had an amazing four-course dinner with a great gin and delicious desert. It was one of the best gastronomic experiences I have had lately. I was left speechless.
What did I have?
 Eggplant and beens soup with spinach and brain ravioli
 Salmon with a spectacular sauce with a little touch of anise & pea and mint pure. And now I want another ten portions of that, it was just incredibly tasty

 Octopus with a sauce made of pumpkin seeds and habanero. And yes I eat habanero! I actually love it!
 Hamburger with plantain fries. And I should tell you – in my daily life I never ever order hamburgers or gin, but this time I finished it all! That says a lot, right?

The last drop, which almost killed me, was a desert from W Reposteria (Check their awesome deserts) , mango macaroon. That meringue with nuts was soooo good, you would never forget it if you try!

Everything was so delicious! Of course I will be coming back because the menu changes daily, one meal cost only around 150 pesos and I want to have more and more of these gastronomic experiences and to have a chat with the chefs. Christian and Rodrigo have lunches from 13.00 to 19.00 and dinners from 19.00 till 22.00. You know, their attitude and personality really made a difference for me.

Last time to Mexico City I came with a terrible cold. What could have helped me better than a nice sleep and delicious noodles? There are some certain comfort foods for me, and noodles are certainly among them. 

Extensive menu and a great interior made me choose the Rokai (The whole world of ramen). Besides – what could be better than nice hot ramen when you have a flu?

Ramens there blowed my mind! It was so good – I would eat it every single day for the rest of my life! Not jus because it was delicious, but also because they have dozens of types of ramen in a menu and always invent something new. So at least for a month or so I would have new ramen every day. 

Some foodie spots of Mexico City are famous all over the world. Mercado de San Juan, or San Juan market is among them. Quail with rose petals? Why not! Cheeses from all over Mexico? I would trade my life to try all of them! Or exotic meats – crocodile, dear, even bear? This market absolutely worth your visit!

What I have tried was a place with delicacies from all over the world – cheeses, cold meats, fruits, nuts, red wine and clericot. And gosh, how good were their salsas! One with pineapple and grasshoppers, mango salsa, tres chiles salsa. Food was unbelievably good and the owner of the place gave us so many recommendations on where to and what to eat all over Mexico. 

Another market place I have found in a magic town of Tepoztlan. It was exquisite, delicious and – what a good point – it was sooooo cheap! Fresh ingredients from the area, blue corn, cheeses, meets, grasshoppers. Markets are often the places where you can not only try some traditional and delicious food, but also get to know local culture a little bit better.

If you choose to go there and you have chance, eat as much as you can! Try their salsas – in a place I’ve ate, there were like dozen of different salsas. All of them equally delicious! And do you know what shows the best the level of any Mexican restaurant (or market in this case)? Their salsas! Because salsa truly could change everything – for best or worth.

Do you feel fancy and want to have a drink in a nice place? Fifty Mils, located at Four Seasons Hotel, is definitely for you. Something that absolutely blowed my mind – martini with olives filled with Nutella. Whaaat a crazy combination! But it was exceptional! (To see more signature cocktails)

It’s one of my favorite things about food – sometimes you try something you would never imagine you would try in your whole life. And you love the taste and you remember the moment of tasting with the joy. Isn’t it incredible?

So try everything yourself and tell me, how you like it!

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