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Each Mexican city is unique on it’s very own way. For example, San Miguel de Allende in a state of Guanajuato is considered one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. And for a reason! Me, who have traveled quite a lot all over Mexico, can tell you that there is no such a place in a whole country as San Miguel de Allende.

First of all, let me tell you that the town is claimed World Heritage Site. Founded in 1541, town became what it is now at the beginning of 20th century, when few artists re-discovered this gem with the baroque-neoclassical colonial architecture. Since then the town has attracted many foreigners, such as retired people, artists from all over the world, writers and tourists, of course.

The main attraction is, for sure, the historical center, with the well-preserved buildings from the XVII and XVIII centuries.

What can I tell you about San Miguel de Allende. It is beautiful. It is magic. The architecture of the town, which mostly belongs to XVI-XVIII centuries is very well preserved. During this trip I have had a chance to enter to few houses and I was truly impressed by the interiors. And I can tell you that I only wish one day to have a house like one of those I have visited.

A nice place to stay at is CASA ANTAÑA hotel

Amazing prices, a double room for 550 pesos a night, only couple of blocks away from the central square and a plenty of restaurants around. I was amazed, how clean are the rooms and how incredible the design is. While staying there I was imagining a rich family living in this house at the beginning of the XVII century, using the same kind of furniture and having the same view from the balcony as I have had.

Zacateros 17
37700 San Miguel De Allende, GTO
México, 01 415 121 3690

Casa Antaña

My first recommendation for having a breakfast is a cafe at the hotel, called OSO AZUL

Economical breakfasts, from 105 pesos a package (which includes fruits and coffee refill).

Great options, big portions and you know how it looks like when people are, how we say in Mexico “hechan ganas”, or they are really doing their best? That is why I absolutely recommend you both hotel and cafe.

Cafe Oso Azul

PANIO bakeries

I have had a great breakfast in this bakery, traditional molletes with unexpected twist – in a place of the regular cheese they offer molletes with the goat cheese. Delicious! What molletes are? Bread (baked at Panio), with beans, melted cheese and pico de Gallo sauce.

I have had also a macaroon with raspberry, egg muffins, and brioche with ginger and lime. Everything was delicious! Only issue was – that there is no internet at Panio. And a phone signal is horrible in San Miguel de Allende. If, as me, you work from your computer and you need good internet all the time, this is not the best spot you can choose to work.

Calle Relox, Num. 12, Salida a Celaya Num. 69, San Miguel de Allende
Calle Correo, Num. 29, Esquina con Recreo, San Miguel de Allende



That was actually a first place I have visited in San Miguel de Allende almost a year ago. At that moment I was dating a guy, I haven’t been to San Miguel de Allende before, and once we went there only to have a lunch. Yes, five hours on the way to San Miguel and five hours on the way back. But it was quite an adventure!

We have had lunch exactly at Quince rooftop, and I remember I have had a lamb. And it was delicious. I haven’t been there since than, but one day I would definitely come back.

Cuna de Allende 15,

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Quince rooftop


Seafood is always a good choice, isn’t it? That is what I thought when I decided to have lunch at the Pescau. Huge menu, extensive choice. I wouldn’t be able to try every meal there (for my shame and sadness), so I have ordered Tostada Luis with tuna and ax callus, and seafood casserole with cheese.

Both where delicious, tostada had unexpected tajin chile touch, but I wish there were more cheese in a casserole.

The prices were quite high – tostada 110 pesos (which is a double price for the regular tostadas) and casserole was 230 pesos.

Jesus No.21, Centro Histórico

+52 (415) 152 88 00


Ice-cream, Yous-cream at KUMORAH

It is kind of a rare nowadays – to find the ice-cream made out of natural ingredients. Well, if you choose to eat an ice-cream at Kumorah, you can be sure that all the ingredients are natural and fresh, because it is made from scratch in front of you. Lemon pie was a delicious choice!

Umarán 32, Centro, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.



All four days I spent in San Miguel de Allende, I have had an internal battle on what place to choose for my last dinner there. I am this kind of person. Food is very, very important for me when I travel. And it is not easy to be a foodie. There is so many restaurants to try, but I have only one stomach. I honestly was thinking about Astria, 1826 in hotel Rosewood, The Restaurant, Moxi and Jacinto 1930.

I wasn’t attracted to the food options of Moxi, even tho the restaurant is run by the one of the best chefs in Mexico, Enrique Olivera. Astria also looked very attractive to me, but I didn’t understand the idea of their restaurant when I went through their web-site. So I decided to try the Jacinto 1930.

When I came to the restaurant, at the very first moment I thought I wouldn’t like it. Thanks God I was so confused! I started with tuna tiradito, a raw tuna slices. What can you do with such a regular meal? Well, in Jacinto 1930 they definitely added some magic to their food – grasshoppers salsa – guacachile de chapulín, and the herbs on a side. It was a perfect combination and it tasted like a heaven, I bet! I was in heaven.

Than I ordered a sucking pig with mole and plantain pure. Even tho I am not a huge fan of mole, I loved it from the first and till the last crumb. The meat was unbelievably soft, and the skin super crunchy. So crunchy, it even crunched when I was cutting through it.

So I definitely do not regret on choosing Jacinto 1930 for my last dinner in San Miguel de Allende. And I am sure you won’t regret too, if one day you would come to this amazing place.

I was absolutely in love with some sides of San Miguel de Allende and was very sad about some other sides. Originally populated by the chichimeca culture, I had a sense, that nowadays it mostly populated by the foreigners. And the fact changes the place somehow. And not in a best way. It is not fair, that such I big heritage of Mexico, like San Miguel de Allende is less Mexican with each day.

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