Tequila train in Jalisco.

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What did you say, Olga? Tequila train? Oh, yeah! You didn’t misheard it.

In one of the most beautiful states of magic Mexico, Jalisco, there is a town called Tequila. I guess, everyone knows this word -“tequila”. But not everyone knows, that there is a city of Tequila and how beautiful it is. It is actually considered one of the magical towns of Mexico.

What are the magical towns? It is a special program of Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism that promotes series of towns around the country. Not just a regular towns, but ones that offer their visitors a “magical” experience. Usually these towns have so much to offer to travellers – gastronomic experience, rich history and culture, folclore and traditions.

At the moment there is more than a hundred magical towns in Mexico and the town of Tequila is among them.
Tequila is located about 60 km away from the capital of Jalisco state, Guadalajara. And there is a lot of ways to get there – you can rent a car, you can take a public transportation. Of you can take a train. A tequila train. I should tell you that trains are not really common in Mexico. There are very few in a whole country. One of the most famous and popular is in one of the Northern states of Mexico – Chihuahua. And another one takes tourists to the magical town of Tequila.

Tequila is best known as being the birthplace of the drink that bears its name and which is made of the blue agave plant. Pay attention! Blue agave is not a cactus as a lot of people think. Agave belongs to the plant family Agavaceae. There are more than 160 distinct species of agave that exist in the geographical regions of southwestern United States, Mexico and parts of tropical South America. The heart of the plant contains sugars, which makes it perfect for making fermented drinks.

Plants of blue agave were used by native people of Mexico to make fermented beverage. When Spanish conquistadors came, they used this fermented drink and distilled it, producing the tequila we know today.

The village of Santiago de Tequila was founded at 1530 by Franciscan monks, and nowadays it has a population of over a 27000 people. At the moment its not just a popular national and international tourist destination, but also a home to the oldest, still-operating tequila factories. The name “tequila” is protected by Mexican government and its use is limited to a products distilled from agave grown in certain regions of Mexico.

Nowadays the town of Tequila and the vast agave fields surrounding it is to be declared the World Heritage Site.

The tequila Route and The Tequila Train were created since 1997. The train takes passengers through tequila country, accompanied by live mariachi music, professional tour guides, great food and tequila, of course!

For more information, schedule and prices

The tour starts at 9 am and lasts till the 8 pm. What would you have during the trip?

Travel on the wagon of Tequila Express. 
• Mexican snacks (Box Lunch) and cocktails prepared on board with tequila.

• Lottery (and a bottle of tequila as a gift).
• Professional tasting.
Tour distillery.
• Free time for lunch and a walk around of the magic town of Tequila.
• Mexican show.
• Classical toast with one of our premium tequila.

Personally I loved the experience, and people in Guadalajara were vey nice and hospitable. The whole idea of the tequila train is amazing! Tequila, mariachi music is such a big part of the Mexican culture. And Tequila magical town is beautiful and absolutely worth the visit!

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