Visas and immigration procedures for Mexico

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Visa and immigration procedures for Mexico

Many of you maybe concerned about the entry procedures and requirement for traveling to Mexico, but do not worry we’re here to help!

Passport holders on Mexico’s ‘no visa required list’ do not need to apply for a formal visa to visit Mexico. The may instead, use a visitors permit called a FMM. This you will pick up and fill out at the airport or usually you will be handed it on the aeroplane before landing. Countries on this list include:

  • United states, Canada, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Romania and more. You can see the extended list by visiting www.inm.gob.mx 

If you you are a passport holder of a country that does require a visa then the steps are the following:

Fill in the online application form and then within 3 working days you must present the following paperwork in person to the Mexican embassy or consulate in your country of residence:

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months 
  • Copy of the 1st page of your passport
  • Copy of valid visas (if applicable) 
  • Printout of completed online questionnaires
  • color photo on a white background; without glasses, glued to the form
  • Solvency proof (Proof of salary or bank account statement, additional information may be required). For those who do not have their own income (children, students, etc.) must provide documents from sponsors (parents, relatives, guardians). 
  • Additionally, the Consulate may request documents requesting further information which must be submitted in order to have the visa approved. 

Sending documents by mail or courier services is not allowed, they must be presented in person. After receiving permission to enter, a INM visa will be issued within two business days. 

Consular fee: This fee is in US Dollars:

  • Tourist visa $36 US
  • Business visa $134 US
  • Work visa $195 US

Electronic authorisation 

From November 1st 2010, Russian nationals who were born in what is now the Russian Federation, introduced an electronic authorization, allowing them to obtain permission to travel to Mexico without obtaining a Mexican visa. This authorization is free and allows you to stay in Mexico to 180 days for tourism, transit, and for certain types of business.

You must complete the following form:

http://www.inm.gob.mx/index.php/page/Solicitud_de_Aut  by having Acrobat Reader installed on you computer. Upon receipt of a positive result you must print the acceptance and present it when checking in for your flight along with your passport and again upon entering Mexico. 

The electronic authorisation is valid for 30 days; you can only enter once and stay no more than 180 days. A the time this article was written, the electronic authorisation was free of charge. If you are denied authorisation please contact your local Mexican embassy or consulate. If you need to extend your stay or would like to apply for a working visa you should also contact your local embassy or consulate. These rules also apply to citizens of the Ukraine, Brazil and Peru.

Entry into Mexico by the USA

According to the Embassy of Mexico, any citizens that have a visa to enter the US (business, tourism, transit) may enter Mexico for up to 180 days without needing a visa. 

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